Stormwater and Sewer Department

Storm Water & Sewer Director
Aaron Potter
248-698-7700 Ext. 166

Oakland County Emergency Line

  FOG Prevention:  Keep drains clear of Fasts, Oils & Grease

When Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) go down the drain, they close pipes, create odors and can cause sewer backups in your home or business.  Wipe FOG off pots, pans and plates with a paper towel, then Toss it in the trash.

For more information about Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), please call White Lake DPS at 248-698-7700 Ext. 8.



The White Lake Township SSSD provides for 24 hour / 7 day week maintenance for our sewer system through a maintenance agreement with Oakland County Water Resource Commission. In the event of an emergency at your residence or business, a sewer maintenance technician will respond to your location and assist in evaluating the problem. Please call the:

Oakland County Emergency Line at 248-858-1312, 248-858-1313 or 248-858-1314

The Storm and Sanitary Sewer Department Responsibilities Include and are not Limited to the Following:

Storm and Sanitary Sewer Locations and Easement Information

Development and Continual Maintenance of the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Sewer Connection and Extension Estimations

Grand Applications for the Various Programs Within the Department's Purview

Development of Special Assessment Districts (SADs) for Sewer and Water

Grinder Station and Appurtenance Inventory Maintenance

Capacity Calculation

Plan Review

Sewer, Stormwater and Drainage, SESC, Mining and Extraction and Wetland Ordinance Inquiries

Design Assistance

Systemic Fiscal Responsibility

Program, Project and Asset Management

Administration, Plan Review, Inspection, Regulation and Enforcement of the SESC Ordinance

Administration, Plan Review, Inspection, Regulation and Enforcement of the Wetland Ordinance

Emergency Management

Grading and Drainage Issues

Stormwater Compliance

Administration of the West Nile Virus (Mosquito) Control Program

Invasive Species Management Programs

Gypsy Moth Monitoring Station Inspections

Assist the Water Department as Needed

Public Education and Outreach

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Surface/Groundwater Quality


The Charter Township of White Lake, Michigan Storm and Sanitary Sewer Department strives to provide quality service to our residential and commercial users through accountable, efficient operation and  maintenance/restoration and repair activities combined with proactive project, program and asset management of the utility infrastructure. We are further committed to the protection and enhancement of the Huron and Clinton River Watersheds through administration of the departmental environmental programs, public education and participation and the fostering of behaviors and attitudes toward sustainability and stewardship of our unique wealth of natural resources within White Lake Township.

Quick Facts

The WLT Sanitary Sewer System serves 1,400 users

WLT has approximately 40 miles of gravity and pressure Sanitary Sewer Main

The sewer system serves a population of approximately 4,500 persons

Over 1,250 properties have sewer main directly in their frontage for immediate connection