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Parks and Recreation Committee

It is important for White Lake to provide a variety of parks for its residents, in order to ensure that people of all ages and abilities are able to pursue recreational opportunities.  Neighborhood parks are critical to provide recreational facilities, especially for young children, within close proximity to their homes.  Neighborhood playfields draw users from a wider geographic area, and serve to fulfill the recreational needs of both children and adults.  Community-wide parks provide a greater range of activities and facilities, including nature centers, trails, ball fields, and playground equipment for a variety of ages, that serve the community at large.

The recreation planning process in White Lake Township is intended to involve residents from a broad cross-section of the Township's population.  Responsibility for recreation planning rests with the Parks and Recreation Committee, Planning Commission (through the Master Plan) and Township Board.  The Township Board, as the legislative body, maintains ultimate authority for recreation planning and budgeting in the Township.

Parks and Recreation Committee Members

Merrie Carlock - Chair
Deb Deren - Vice Chair
Andrea Voorheis  Board Liaison
Rhonda Grubb - Planning Liaison
Jean-Philippe Loew
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