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For Water and Sewer Emergencies after normal business hours, please contact White Lake Twp. Police Department 248-698-4400

Water Theft is a Crime

Water Theft is a Crime

White Lake DPS has experienced an increase in illegal fire hydrant use in our township.  Illegal and unregulated connections can not only increase the risk of contaminating our water supply, but also lower pressure needed for fire protection. Improper opening or closing of a fire hydrant can cause widespread rusty water complaints or worse, water main breaks and serious property damage.  Unauthorized use or theft of water costs more for everyone.

How to Spot Theft

Water theft from fire hydrants occurs most often when the user does not have a metered connection.  To legally use water from a fire hydrant, the business or contractor must obtain a permit and meter assembly from DPS.  The meter assembly includes a backflow preventer. If you see water being used from a hydrant without a meter assembly, theft may be occurring.

Help Stop Water Theft

If you suspect water is being stolen from a fire hydrant or identify a water meter that has been bypassed or tampered with, please call 911 immediately or email apotter@whitelaketwp.com. Tampering with the water system or using a hydrant without a permit is a misdemeanor offense.
Fire Hydrant Flushing

Thank you for your patience during this important water quality improvement process.

2017 Water Quality Report
The 2017 Water Quality Report is now available.  CLICK HERE or stop in to the White Lake Township Water Department to pick up a printed copy.
Lead & Copper Monitoring

White Lake Township Water Department is currently conducting Lead & Copper monitoring of our drinking water system.  Due to the change in chemistry as part of our new iron removal facility, we are increasing the frequency of sample periods and the number of residential sampling sites to insure that our corrosion control is optimized.  If you would like to participate in this important water quality process, please fill out the online form below or contact our office at 248-698-3300 Ext. 8.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Please click here to go to the form

GIS Locating

DPS has begun work on our GIS Mapping Program (Geographical Information System). This system uses precise GPS technology to aid in locating and maintaining utility assets, planning, and speed up emergency response. We will also be able to gather information faster and offer improved customer service.

Your cooperation in necessary. Crews from White Lake Township and Johnson & Anderson engineering will be out locating and collecting GPS coordinates to precisely locate your water shut off valves. A blue water flag will be placed on the valve and removed a few days later when the information has been collected. If you have questions or would like additional information about our GIS program, please contact the Water and Sewer Dept. at 248-698-3300 ext. 8.

Iron Filtration

The Village Acres Iron Removal Plant has been up and running since June of 2017. We are continuously testing water quality at this site and the water chemistry in the distribution system that it supplies. We are always looking for additional sampling locations. If you are interested in participating in water sampling, please contact us at 248-698-3300 ext. 8.

Departmental Overview

Under the administration of the Township Supervisor, the Water Department is composed of four employees; this included (1) Director, (2) Field Technician and (2) Office Personnel.

  • White Lake has provided water to the Township residents since 1980.  We have 2,092 water accounts.  It is the Water Departments goal to provide safe drinking water and fire protection to White Lake Township citizens.
  • White Lake Township Water Department currently maintains 47.5 miles of water main.  It is composed of 11 community wells, (2) one million gallon water towers, one booster station and 665 fire hydrants.  We have added a 240 volt generator set, quick connect for a portable generator at Hillview Well House as well as backup generator sets at the Water office, and other key sites, like Aspen Meadows, Twin Lakes 1 and Village Acres.
Departmental Services
  • Repair and maintain water mains and related structures, such as towers, pumps, fire hydrants, get wells, water shut off valves and generator.
  • Flushing hydrants twice a year.
  • Replacement of water  meters.
  • Meters updates to an automated billing system.
  • Marking for underground water utility locations
  • Management of subdivision irrigation meters.
  • Investigation of water service line leaks.
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding rusty or cloudy water, low water pressure, water location, billing and fees.
  • Public health compliance.


White Lake Township Ordinance 22 and the Department of Environmental Quality, through the State of Michigan, governs and regulates the water system.

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