Local Recycling Options
White Lake Oil Change 10300 Highland Rd.
White Lake
Used oil, differential oil, transmission oil, power steering oil, and antifreeze up to 1 gallon for free. Fee applies if more than one gallon. 248-698-2410
Lowes 8555 Highland Rd.
White Lake
Plastic bags, rechargeable batteries, CFL light bulbs. 248-674-6510
Home Depot 9078 Highland Rd.
White Lake
CFL light bulbs, and rechargeable batteries at service desk. 248-698-4801
Highland Tire and Auto Repair 7401 Highland Rd.
White Lake
Vehicle batteries, used vehicle fluids (except gasoline), old tires at a charge of $4.00 per tire 248-887-3758
Best Buy Most Locations Most electronics.  For a complete list click here:
Five Star ACE Hardware 1135 S. Milford Rd.
Old batteries,  copper,  propane tanks, well tanks or pressure tanks, water heaters.  248-887-3741
Scrap Dog Recycling 2491 Dixie Hwy.
Waterford, MI 48328
Accepts a wide variety of items and will pay for some including; air conditioning units, ammunition, appliances, dehumidifiers, cars and mics. parts, tires w/aluminum rims, water heaters and softeners, propane cylinders, electronics, various types of metal. Call for more details. 248-335-7480