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Public Advisory Regarding Lead and Copper

White Lake Department of Public Services (DPS) has recently issued a Public Education flyer regarding the lead action level exceedance notification that we received from State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) on October 2nd.  This is the second publication required under the administrative rules promulgated under the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, 1976 PA 399 as amended (Act 399).

White Lake is continuing to work with EGLE and Oakland County Health Division to ensure that we are doing everything that we can to comply with the requirements of the rule. Oakland County health Division has completed their sampling in the three homes that tested over the action level for lead in drinking water. The monitoring period for DPS sampling for Lead and Copper for Corrosion Control starts in January 2020.
White Lake DPS would like to assure our customers that we are committed to providing the highest quality, clean, safe drinking water to our residents.

WLT Lead and Copper Public Education

DPS has recently concluded our most recent round of lead and copper monitoring required by PA399 under the new Lead and Copper Rule. Out of twenty samples collected at locations built in 1988 or prior, we had three samples returned that had results for lead over the Action Level in our southernmost district. As a response to this White Lake DPS has issued a Public Advisory about lead to our residents detailing what we have found and what our customers can do.

DPS will increase monitoring in our southern Distribution System #2. A copy of the Public Advisory has been sent out in our water bills yesterday to all of our customers including those in Distribution System #1 even though that area is not affected. A map of the Distribution Systems is included in the Public Advisory at the link below. Please use the online form below if you would like to participate in our next round of sampling.

DPS will be holding a Townhall Meeting at Lakeland High School on Thursday evening October 10th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Experts from White Lake Department of Public Services (DPS), Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) as well as Oakland County Health Division (OCHD) will be available for a discussion of the facts and the precautionary measures that we are taking in an effort to protect our residents from any possible health risk. Oakland County experts will be there to answer any health related questions from customers that are concerned about lead and will have filters available to distribute to residences with children or pregnant women that would like one and are not able to afford the cost of a filter.

For more information regarding lead and copper or any other water concern please contact White Lake DPS at 248-698-7700.

WLT Lead and Copper Public Advisory